Your Guide in America
Located in Istanbul, America Guide (Amerika Rehber) provides consulting services in the academic, tourism, and international business areas. Our educational advisory services provides guidance to foreign students interested in academic opportunities in the United States. We also provide guide services to a variety of touristic destinations throughout Europe. Our company also provides consulting services to both US and Turkish companies wishing to establish reciprocal business relations.

Our scope of services include language schools, various university degree programs (AD,BA/BSc,MA/MSc,MBA…).

In other words, we are aiming to provide assistance to the applicants about language schools, business English programs, language programs for families, preparatory courses for the exams (TOEFL IBT,GMAT,GRE,SAT), and various university degree programs.

In order to provide the best service to the applicants, we are working with a well-experienced staff who have completed their educations in abroad, plus who stil lives there. By making them available for you, we are aiming to find the best & the most economical schooling alternatives. They will also be helpful to you about the problems that arise from transportation and accommodation facilities.

It is possible to list down some of our services as follows:

1. Assistance in school and program selection
2. Assistance in application procedures
3. Assistance in accommodation
4. Assistance in visa procedures
5. Supplement of the most economical flight tickets
6. Insurances for foreign students
7. Meeting at the airport
8. Preparation for examinations (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT I & II, GRE, GMAT) in Turkey
9. Preparation for examinations (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT I & II, GRE, GMAT) in abroad